Year 6 Garden Project

This term, our Year 6 cohort are branching out to pastures green and attempting their hand at gardening. Stage 1 is digging over the land in preparation for planting seeds. Let us hope the next update shows some green shoots sprouting!

13 Winners!

We were delighted with the news that 13 of our students were winners of The Queen's Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 2018. From over 20,000 participants from the Commonwealth countries around the world, Braeburn Dar es Salaam performed extremely well. Congratulations to our winners!

Welcome Back

A warm welcome back to our returnees and a first welcome to our 30+ new students and their families! 
If you have been in to school, you will have noticed some major developments which occurred over the long holidays. 
Firstly, the wooden, swimming pool fence has now gone and been replaced by a custom made railing.
Secondly, the Early Years playground has been extended and much of it covered with sand.
Thirdly, two more classrooms have air conditioning units in them. 
Fourthly, the roof over the hard courts is almost complete. We are awaiting the final cover. 
It has been a busy few 'holiday' months! 

History unit on the Great Fire of London

Year 2 celebrated the end of their History unit on the Great Fire of London by learning about modern firefighting methods from the SGA Fire Rescue team. It was a very interesting, fun and WET afternoon!



Pickle visiting Roots and Shoots club

Roots & Shoots club members welcomed special guests, Dr Atkins and his dog, Pickle. Pickle is blind and was rescued by Dr and Mrs Atkins during the January flooding.  We learned a lot about caring for animals in need of our help, even the homeless street dogs of Dar. Pickle has had a traumatic life, yet he is a sweet, calm and loving pet now.

Thank you Dr Atkins and Pickle for the wonderful visit!

If you would like more information about helping animals in Tanzania, see Every Living Thing’s website: