Our Community

At Braeburn, we are proud of our diverse, international student and parent bodies.  

Our children learn to respect and appreciate the differences between our many cultures, traditions and beliefs through lessons and interacting with each other.

Our school is a community in which the relationships between students, teachers and parents fosters a supportive and collaborative environment with a focus on acknowledging our achievements while significantly identifying the opportunities for us to continue to evolve and improve. Open communication between Home and School is always actively encouraged at

Braeburn and is seen as integral to ensuring the ongoing success of both our students and our community.


Braeburn regularly has events for the families of our community.  We hold International / Cultural Days and Family Discos, to say nothing of various sporting and charity events throughout the year.  Our international nature allows us to celebrate and learn about a range of festivals. 

Friends at Braeburn

Our active parent - teacher association, or FAB, organises events for enjoyment, forming friendships and/ or fund raising towards community service projects, setting an excellent example for our students. Social events for parents are also on the calendar, strengthening the links across our community. 

For the future: Braeburn Book Exchange and life long learning

Braeburn Dar is young, but we are looking to the future. We encourage parents to read avidly, thus encouraging our children to follow suit.  We will build up a selection of books, which can be swapped for free.  

We believe that learning never ends!  Therefore at Braeburn, we hope to establish a Lifelong Learning centre where we offer classes in languages and crafts.  The offering will change based on demand by the parents at the time.  We welcome suggestions. 


Moving to a new country, home and school can be a daunting exercise, but as part of the Braeburn community we are there to help you make the transition as pleasant and happy as possible, giving you platforms to make friends and make your integration into life in Dar es Salaam as easy and stress free as possible.  After all, a happy family ensures we have happy children and happy children learn well.  Welcome to the Braeburn experience!

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