Year 3

25th March 2023

Muscles are magnificent! This week, we headed to the Primary Science laboratory to carry out three investigations about muscles. First, we had a fabulous time with Miss Sheila as she helped us to use a weighing scale to work out how much force our biceps and triceps can exert. We don’t know it yet, but force is measured in Newtons and next week, we will use a Google app, to convert our measurements. Next, we looked at the muscles of the hand with Miss Manai. We were amazed to realise how fast our brain is able to control voluntary muscles like those in our hand. We were able to point out the hinge joints in our fingers and recognised how our hand muscles contract and relax to make our fingers move! Finally, and I think our most favourite, we looked at the involuntary muscles of the intestinal tract with Mrs Jana. We pretended that coca-cola was the digested juices and that crackers were the food we eat. We had a swell time watching how digested food passes through the intestinal tract and realised that the process of digestion uses energy in order to work. We now know why we are always reminded to eat healthily and why we wake up hungry because digestion is an involuntary process that happens when we sleep. We love Science lessons, especially experiments!

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