8th July 2024


Year 1 enjoyed their STEM activities this term, taking on various challenges such as designing and building paper bridges and testing them by passing toy cars of different weights over them. They also enjoyed building houses and towers capable of standing heavy rains and strong winds, which we tested by splashing them with water. Last but not least, they had fun making slime.

Year 2 showed off their creativity, art and design skills when they made a diorama of the habitats they have been learning about in Science lessons. It was wonderful to see the children working in groups to plan, make and design the animals, plants and the background of their habitats. They were able to confidently name animals and plants found in a desert, forest, beach and arctic habitat. Well done Year 2!!!

Year 3

Most of STEAM activities in Year 3 were linked to Science, Geography or History this term. To support our learning about the deserts, the children created lovely triaramas, with the background resembling the desert habitat and the animals that can be found in the desert.

Another exciting project was creating magnetic games, which was linked to our topic about magnetism and magnets in Science. Children worked in groups to design and create a maze for a magnetic figure to go through.

Last but not least, the children learned how to sew buttons to a piece of cloth, using real large size needles, buttons and fabric. This activity was linked to study about the Victorian era, where children were expected to do needlework. Both boys and girls have greatly enjoyed this and it is a great skill for children to learn nowadays!

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