Modern Languages

25th March 2023

This week was a special week for the French language as we were celebrating La Francophonie. La Francophonie refers to the French speaking countries and communities. In class this week, pupils learned that French is spoken across 5 continents and by more than 300 million people. They researched a country of their choice and produced a country fact sheet. They learned many interesting facts about those countries including a little bit about their history, traditions and food specialties.

In Kiswahili this term students Year 7 and 8 have focused on grammar and vocabulary. They were learning and forming sentences in different tenses and continuing to explore and learn vocabulary in their environment and daily routines.

Year 9 have been learning about different countries. They researched information about different countries cultures ie. food, language, dressing and tourism information. We finalise our topic by cooking “Visheti” the famous Tanzania desert with fresh mango and passion juice. ‘Ni vitamu na tumefurahia sana!

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