Lower School

28th March 2024

This term has gone by in what feels like a flash. We have had a joyful week of marking Holi and Easter celebrations and sharing joy in the Holy month of Ramadan. Year 3 have created some stunning crafts based around these themes. The Year 3 children said their highlights of this term were their trip to the Makumbusho Museum where they enjoyed exploring lots of different types of houses.
In Year 1 the children said their highlights were going to the Wet n Wild Trip and their Space topic. In this photo they are testing out rocket ships they made in art lesson, ably linking art and science.

Year 2 have loved their history topic on early Flight. They touched on the science of how planes fly then created their own paper planes and tested how far they would fly by gliding through the air, helped by their streamlined shape. The children quickly realised that technique and direction play an important role in how far the planes fly.
All in all, the children of Lower School have had a super positive term and are looking forward to the upcoming break- working so hard has made us tired!

We look forward to another exciting Term ahead!

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