8th June 2024

Year 10 have just completed their exams. A special shout out to Highness who has significantly improved her grade from the last assessment and mastered writing answers to ‘to what extent questions’ which are really challenging in Sociology. Also a special mention to Iris who continues to excel in Geography. All students have revised and worked exceptionally hard.

In year 9 the Geographers have shone at Map Skills. Again a special mention to Gerald for obtaining 100% in his challenging Map Skills test. We now move on to starting the course content by exploring population dynamics. You can see Gerald’s fabulous mental map of the school demonstrating good use of map symbols and a respectable attempt at creating a realistic scale line.


In year 9 History we have been looking at the achievements of the Weimer Republic in Germany, as well as the challenges it faced. All students have got really stuck into the course and so far are demonstrating they can analyse sources and understand the significance of an event by placing it in its historical context.

In year 9 Sociology we have been working on a special project and been considering research methods that Sociologists use such as questionnaires, longitudinal studies and participant observation. All students are showing a strong awareness of the ethical, practical and theoretical considerations of research and the strengths and weaknesses of different research methods, approaches and sampling strategies.

Year 7 students have been exploring Africa. They've learned about the continent's rich history, diverse countries, and growing population. They also studied Africa's physical features, like mountains, lakes and rivers, and its various biomes, including deserts, rainforests, and savannas. This exciting topic helps students appreciate Africa's unique geography and understand the environmental and cultural diversity within this vast continent.

Year 8 students have been delving into the fascinating topic of weather and climate. They've explored the difference between weather and climate. They examined different aspects of weather, such as rainfall, temperature, wind speed and direction, and air pressure, learning how these are measured. They also  explored the concepts of air pressure and depressions, learning how these elements affect our daily weather. The class has also studied different types of clouds and rain, discovering how they form. Additionally, students have investigated tropical cyclones, UK weather and climate patterns, and the various factors that influence climate.

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