End of Academic Year 2016-2017

2nd August 2017

Dear Parents,
Thank you for attending our final assembly and Prize Giving Ceremony. It truly was a celebration of successes and achievements accomplished throughout this year.Thank you also for your support through the year. The FAB committee now have new office bearers and we look forward to hearing from them in the new term. The children and staff are off enjoying a well earned rest and have already started planning for the new year which starts on Monday 28th August.
With regard to uniform, the children from Reception class to Year 6 will continue to purchase theirs from OneWay in Slipway.
For Years 7 to 10, the uniform will remain similar to that which has been worn. The main adaptation is the girls’ skirts. These will be skirts rather than skorts and will be on sale from a new supplier. This supplier will be at school on Friday, 25th August, in the morning hours, as well as each morning of the first week back ie. Mon 28th to Fri. 1st Sept. The blouses will change slightly, but as with the skorts, you are welcome to use the current ones if they still fit! Skirts will be expected to reach the knee.
Following through from the start of this academic year, black will be the uniform colour of school shoes. If socks are to be worn, they will be white.Braeburn hats are expected to be worn. As always, please ensure that ALL clothing is clearly labelled with the name, not initials.
wish you all a safe and happy holiday.
Have a lovely time!
Yvonne Atkins,
Head Teacher