Earth Day

The students of class 5B celebrated The Earth Day with a blend of educational and fun activities.

The week began with the 'Giant Earth Globe' project to reflect on the amazing beauty and complexity of our planet. The idea behind this project was to have an activity where students not only learn to work together as a team, but also to respect each other’s work. This activity proved a good way to develop team spirit and mutual support.

The celebration extended further with an awareness-raising whole school assembly which was aimed at improving understanding, care and stewardship of Earth’s vital resources and ways to practise sound, environmental citizenship all day, every day!

Year 5 Japanese Day

Year 5 had a fantastic day celebrating Japanese culture, art and cuisine. 

They also made mini volcanoes erupt!

Braeburn Dar - Community Service

Each term, one of our 3 House teams will go to our local beach and spend a couple of hours cleaning it up. We wish to help our local community, as well as have healthy competition among the Houses. Twiga House collected over 224 kg of rubbish in Term 1. Will Simba reach or surpass this total in Term 2?